Foreigner at Broad Leaf Local Beer


Saturday, August 10th from 6-9:00 PM

Event Details

There are 28 premier tickets ($199) which include admission to both the Saturday VIB event at Broad Leaf Local Beer, and the sold out concert on Sunday August 11 at Frederick Meijer Gardens. There will be an additional 100 tickets ($50) available for the Saturday VIB event. All tickets will go on sale on a first come first serve basis when the ticket site goes live at 6:00 PM Thursday July 18. Broad Leaf Local Beer will be closed to the public starting at 4:00 the night of the event. Tickets are only available online and purchasers must be 21 years or older for the Saturday event.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the deal with the Foreigner thing?

We have a ticketed event on Aug 10, 2019 where members or Foreigner (yes that famous band) will be here.  See our press release for more details.

Can I get tickets early if I drop names of people I know that work there?


If I keep calling will you sell me tickets early?


If I really, really, really want tickets what can I do?

Pay attention to our website and on Thursday Aug 18 at 6:00PM a portal will open up with ability to purchase tickets.

So can I log on early to purchase tickets?


Do you have food?

Yes our kitchen and full food service will be open staring Aug 7 and through the event night.  Come hungry we will have some great options for you.  Expect food truck style street food all made from scratch in house.

When is your Grand Opening?

Our Grand Opening is scheduled to be Wed Aug 7, 2019