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Super Vortex+ - West Coast IPA - 7.2% - 13.5oz - $6.50

This delicious take on a West Coast IPA is sure to get hop heads nostalgic. An absolute classic take on an absolute classic style. Pulling you in with swirling aromas of pine, lemon, and orange. Deluging your tongue with whirling flavors of sweet citrus and bitter evergreen. Let yourself submit to the pull!

Maui Kokua Project+ - Session IPA - 4.4% - 13.5oz - $7

This one was done in collaboration with Maui Brewing Co. as part of their Kokua Relief Beer Project. The beer itself is a lovely session IPA brewed with Mosaic and Waimea hops. Mosaic should be familiar to you, Waimea is a big alpha acid NZ hop that's a great dual purpose hop (bittering and aromatic) full of bold aromas of tangerine, grapefruit, and pine needle. It's a hop Maui Brewing uses fairly often and for good reason.

Possum Porter Planet+ - Porter - 6.2% - 16oz - $7

Possum Planet Porter is a team up with West Michigan Wildlife Center, a volunteer run nonprofit organization specializing in the rehabilitation and release of injured or orphaned wildlife. This classic porter is full of fabulous chocolate malt character. Come and drink one for a good cause!

Space Bass - Sour Ale - 4.5% - 13.5oz - $6

This sour base beer can be purchased and consumed as is (it's delicious) or dosed with any number of bold syrups that can be added in for an additional $2 charge.

Sour Lake: Pabana!+ - Fruited Sour - 5% - 13.5oz - $7

This Mount Rushmore of fruit-tastic flavors combines Passion Fruit, Mango, Banana, and a touch of Lemon. Ripe tropical verve just in time to shield you from the cold grey doldrums. We are pretty geeked about how this one turned out.... fans of the Sour Lake series will be too!

Witchy Virtues+ - Oatmeal Stout - 8.2% - 13.5oz - $7

Witchy Virtues is a brand new high gravity oatmeal stout that summons the dark powers of hazelnut, coconut, and coffee. This devious trio will have you under their spell and cackling like a villainous fiend.

Boomerang Into the Void + - Galaxy Pale Ale- 5.2% - 13.5oz - $6.50

Australian Galaxy hops are the showcase of this punchy Pale Ale. Grab a pour and as you gulp it down, boomerang yourself straight into the void of your newly emptied glass. Circle back with palette pleasing notes of zesty citrus, passionfruit and juicy peach. Things always hit different Down Under.

Cult Pils+ - Pilsner - 5% - 16oz - $6

Here's the high praise Brewer Terry bestowed upon this batch, "I was hoping for something that landed on the outside of a German Pils and the inside of a Czech Pale Lager...We absolutely nailed it : ) That bitterness coats your tongue and just slides right down your throat, leaving just enough of a dry finish to make you want to take another big chug."

Chromatic Shatter+ - Juicy Pale Ale - 5.5% - 16oz - $7

Hopped to the high heavens with scads of Citra, Talus, and Mosaic hops, creating big aromas of pink grapefruit and pine resin with background notes of rose and sage.

Brewer's Cider - Dry Cider - 6.9% - 13.5oz - $7

Michigan Apple Juice, Gluten Free, Dry

CAN POUR - Downside Dark Helmet - Czech Dark Lager - 4.8% - 16oz - $7

Greg Sanial from the Prime Time Brewers came up with the recipe for this delicious Czech Dark Lager. Smooth and rich dark chocolate character sets the lush foundation, while copious amounts of noble hops produce a balancing herbal and spicy zing. This is an outstanding beer that we can't wait for everyone to taste.

CAN POUR - Sour Lake: Lychee, Pineapple, Toasted Marshmallow - Fruited Sour - 5% - $7

Can your brain handle a dip in this Sour Lake? The most alien of flavor combos we've created leaves no doubt that Sour Lake is constantly evolving and moving into new worlds of flavor. DO NOT let your pets try this!! DO NOT leave this out for unsuspecting neighbors!! DO offer this to any UFO pilots you see cruising around your block. The Splashiest!

Flights Available - Pick 4, 5 oz pours - Starting at $12

* means there is a $.50 or $1 up charge for selection. (Draft cocktails not available for flights)

Wine - 5oz - $8

Table Red, Table White

Detroit City Soda - $2 (Free Refills)

Cola, Diet Cola, Lemon Lime, Root Beer, Lemonade, Rock N Rye, Orange Cream