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Cult Pils - Pilsner - 5% - 16oz - $5.50

Here's the high praise Brewer Terry bestowed upon this batch, "I was hoping for something that landed on the outside of a German Pils and the inside of a Czech Pale Lager...We absolutely nailed it : ) That bitterness coats your tongue and just slides right down your throat, leaving just enough of a dry finish to make you want to take another big chug.

Super Vortex+ - West Coast IPA - 7.2% - 13.5oz - $6.50

This delicious take on a West Coast IPA is sure to get hop heads nostalgic. An absolute classic take on an absolute classic style. Pulling you in with swirling aromas of pine, lemon, and orange. Deluging your tongue with whirling flavors of sweet citrus and bitter evergreen. Let yourself submit to the pull!

Shiryu Almighty!+ - Rice Lager with Ube & Dragon Fruit - 5.4% - 16oz - $7

Shiryu Almighty! Very roughly translated that means Purple Dragon Almighty! So why are we naming a beer that? Because it's a Purple Dragon! Purple for the ube (purple yam) used and Dragon for the floral dragon fruit this lager is enhanced with. A rice lager with a few extra surprises including strawberries, Shiryu Almighty will have you exclaiming with joy and seeking out another glass of this refreshing elixir.

ZappaZacca+- IPA - 7.6% - 13.5oz - $7

ZappaZacca returns!! This IPA is (you'll be shocked to hear) brewed with Zappa and Azacca hops. Zappa is a Neomexicanus hop (a genetically distinct sub-species of hop that has been growing wild in the dry mountain regions of New Mexico for a long, long time - some say as long as a million years!) that lends a wild spectrum of flavors including passion fruit, mango, spearmint, and pine. Azacca is a Yakima Valley hop that brings lush mango, pineapple, and citrus character! They combine in ZappaZacca in a beautiful bouquet of bold fruitiness.

Alien Mission: Coconut Island+ - Pandan Coconut Hazy IPA - 7% - 13.5oz - $8.50

E.T. and all his sticky fingered cronies are coming for our delicious ingredients! Tasked with finding the most luscious liquids in the Lupilonic Sector of our galaxy, teams of outer space beings have invaded Coconut Island. Everyone knows that's where the most dank, tropical hops are! Plus the aliens are searching for pandan - they love the bright green color and delicious scent! Their thirsty throats can't resist the refreshment of coconut, so they're stockpiling that as well! Thankfully we've stashed a few kegs of our newest and most unbelievable brew for ourselves - and for you! It combines fruity Sabro, Citra, and Nectaron hops with aromatic pandan and lush coconut! Grab a glass for yourself before the galaxy drinks us out of stock! UH OH, we just got word the Irish heard this new creation is GREEN!!! We didn't make enough!!!

Sour Lake: Andean Bliss! + - Andean Blackberry, Strawberry, Mango - 5% - 13.5oz - $7

Brewed with tart Andean Blackberry, ripe Strawberry, and lush Mango this latest Sour Lake is pure bliss! Named after the areas around the Andes that this particular type of blackberry grows in the wild, Andean Bliss will refresh and invigorate you just like the stark and otherworldly landscape it is inspired by. This new Sour Lake is sure to amaze!

Vibing on a Different Frequency+ - Coffee Blonde - 5.8% - 13.5oz - $6.50

This exciting new Coffee Blonde was brewed with single origin Columbian Cauca from our friends at Sparrows Coffee! This light bodied brew is shooting out frequencies to the farthest parts of the galaxy telling all who receive the message about its smooth roastiness, mild caramel and coffee sweetness, and otherworldly cafe aromas. We know you'll get the signal and feel the vibes.

Quantum Quakers!+ - Oatmeal Stout - 5.2% - 16oz - $6.50

A new Oatmeal Stout that raises the unexpected question... Just how much quantum entanglement was going on in Wilford Brimley's mustache? That quirky query aside, this splendid stout is imbued with quality characteristics like lush chocolate and coffee aromas and a soft silkiness. Quaffable and queenly, Quantum Quakers is, well, "it's the right thing to drink".

All the Feelings+ - American Pale Ale - 5.5% - 16oz - $5

A brand new American Pale Ale called All the Feelings. Brewed with MOSAIC, CITRA, LEMONDROP, and VIC SECRET HOPS! ALL THE FEELINGS is a brand new Pale Ale for 2024. We want you to talk about your feelings, and we want you to talk about this amazing new beer. Bursting with ripe aromas of MANGO, PINEAPPLE, and VIBRANT CITRUS! Art BY CHAPEL OF GHOULS!

Sour Lake: Star Blaster+ - Fruited Sour - 5% - 13.5oz - $7

Star Blaster brings galactic fruit power to our Sour Lake base in the form of Star Fruit, Orange, and just a touch of Grapefruit. Exploding on your taste buds with waves of ripe tropical sweetness and vibrant sour zip! A brand new fruit flavor combo to enliven and brighten up Michigan in wintertime.

Brewer's Cider - Dry Cider - 6.9% - 13.5oz - $7

Michigan Apple Juice, Gluten Free, Dry

Flights Available - Pick 4, 5 oz pours - Starting at $12

* means there is a $.50 or $1 up charge for selection. (Draft cocktails not available for flights)

Wine - 5oz - $8

Table Red, Table White

Detroit City Soda - $2 (Free Refills)

Cola, Diet Cola, Lemon Lime, Root Beer, Lemonade, Rock N Rye, Orange Cream