When ready order at either end of the bar under the "Order Here" sign

Feature - Falafel Platter (Veg) -$14

Three crispy falafel, tabouli salad, roasted red pepper hummus, tzatziki sauce, cucumber, grilled pita
$  14

Feature - Greek Salad (GF) -$14

Grilled marinated chicken breast, mixed greens, cucumber, kalamata olives, marinated artichokes, red onion, house greek red wine vinaigrette
$  14

Straight Up Fries (V)

Salt & Pepper
$  6

Togarashi Fries (V) (GF) 🌶️

Garlic, Ginger, Nori, Orange & Sesame Oil
$  7

Korean Corn Cheese

Baked sweet corn, mozzarella, bell peppers, and gochugaru. Served with "El Milagro" tortillas.
$  10

Crispy Aloo (VO)

Pan roasted potatoes, cumin, curry, chilis, coriander yogurt, cilantro, green onion. Served with pita.
$  10

Sweet Chili Brussels (VO)

Pan roasted brussel sprouts, maitake mushroom, red onion, sweet chili sauce, and toasted sesame seeds. Add bacon $2 Add pork belly $5
$  8

Grace's Enchilada Eggroll

Local beef, russet potato, and chilis dipped in ancho chili oil and served with creamy sofrito sauce (2 rolls)
$  9

Walking Taco (GF)

Local pork chili verde, cheddar, shredded lettuce, onion, tomato, cilantro, and corn chips.
$  8

Local Pork Green Chili 🌶️

Local pork shoulder, poblano peppers, cilantro, onion, and Michigan cheddar. Served with tortilla chips.
$  8

Ensalada De Elote (VO)

Roasted Michigan sweet corn and pepper salad, tomatoes, candy apple red onion, queso fresco, japones(Peanut Allergy) , cilantro lime ranch on vertical paradise greens. Add Chicken - $2 *peanut allergy can be removed *VO - Citrus Vin and No Chz *Peanuts not GF
$  12

Korean BBQ Tacos (VO) 🌶️

Slow beer braised chicken, gochujang honey glaze, pickled carrots, cilantro. Three per order. Served with Salt & Pepper fries. Sub mushrooms for vegan option.
$  15

"A Burger" (VO)

Two smash patties, American cheese, special sauce, pickled red onion, lettuce, tomato. Add bacon $2 Served with salt & pepper fries. Impossible burger available for VO
$  15

A Green Chili Burger (VO)

Two Country Dairy beef smash patties, American cheese, chili verde sofrito, & corn chips. Served with salt & pepper fries. Impossible burger available for VO
$  15

Hot Chicken Katsu 🌶️🌶️🌶️

panko breaded chicken breast, chili oil, housemade miso dill pickle, curry mayo, shredded lettuce, American cheese, Nantucket sesame seed bun. Served with Salt & Pepper Fries. * Mild and No Heat options available*
$  15

Drunken Noodles (GF) 🌶️ (VO)

Red bell pepper, red onion, bok choy, Pebble Creek mushrooms, "Drunken" sauce, and rice noodles. Add pork belly or chicken $5. (vegan broth available upon request)
$  13

Buldak (Korean Fire Chicken) Chicken Carbo 🌶️🌶️ 🌶️

Heffron Farm's chicken, freezer peas, onion, bacon, spicy cheese buldak sauce, and soba noodles.
$  18

Arroz con Leche

Coconut rice pudding, Rotating Seasonal topping, whipped cream, cinnamon roasted peanuts
$  6

Mochi Ice Cream - SOLD OUT

3 per order. Ask about our rotating flavors.
$  6

Kid Burger

Plain kid size burger with salt & pepper fries.
$  8

Kid Chicken Tenders

Two fried chicken tenders with salt & pepper fries.
$  8


Creamy Sofrito, Curry Mayo, Special Sauce, Chili Aioli, Sweet Chili (V), House Hot Sauce (V), Korean BBQ (V), Cilantro Lime Ranch
$  .50