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Black Calder's Bougie Caramel Cake Stout* - 8.2% - 10oz - $8

This excellent stout was made with Haitian vanilla and loads of caramel and dark malts.

Chromatic Explosion* - Hazy IPA - 6.8% - 13.5oz - $7

Expect taste notes ranging all the way from Lemon/Orange to Pineapple/Mango… an absolute feast of flavor!

Black Calder's Remember the Time - 5.5% - 13.5oz - $6.50

Egyptian-inspired Blackberry Lemonade Wit melding the flavors of blackberry, lemon, orange peel, coriander, and a touch of orange blossom water.

The Iron Colossus - Baltic Porter - 8% - 13.5oz - $6

This beer style is a lagered version of a big dark beer -- think turned up schwarzbier. Dark malt flavor, big ABV, but smooth and easy drinking with little to no ester component.

Feature - Ferris Muleler - Cocktail - 12oz - $8

Broad Leaf Vodka, House Made Ginger Syrup, Lime Juice, Ginger beer. Served over ice

Feature - Lavandula Drop - Draft Cocktail - 12oz - $8

Broad Leaf vodka, Lemon juice, Lavender and lemon/lime soda. Served over ice.

StrataSpheric* - Imperial IPA - 9.3% - 13.5oz - $8

StrataSpheric is an Imperial IPA brewed with, shocker, Strata hops. Strata is a modern aroma hop that comes out of the Oregon State Aroma Hop Breeding Program based in Corvallis, OR. Strata has big notes of strawberry with secondary aromas of watermelon, passionfruit, sweet berries, soft citrus, and some dank character.

Plant Wiggle - Unfiltered Lager - 5.2% - 16oz - $6

This is an unfiltered lager.... a chuggable pint with a touch of white wheat and oats and a bit of Saaz hops. It's one helluva good beer. Drink up!

ZappaZacca* - IPA - 7.6% - 13.5oz - $7

Blending a spectrum of tropical & deep citrus flavors alongside resinous hemp dankness.

Yuzuka+ - Sour Ale - 5% - 13.5oz - $7

Yuzuka is a very interesting sour ale that combines yuzu puree, green raisins, and guajillo chile peppers (the dried form of a mirasol chili). This ale is very subtle with the spice so don't be afraid!

Draconic Pop+ - Fruited Sour Ale - 5% - 13.5oz - $7

We decided we liked homebrewer Paul Arends' ideas so much that we'd make another beer with him to represent his skills as a home brewer and his home brew club, the Brewsquitos -- who you'll probably know we have a long history with. Draconic Pop is a sour ale made with dragon fruit and mango.

Quantum Entity+ - Lactose IPA - 7.2% - 13.5oz - $6.50

The Rakau hops expresses itself as citrus in the form of soft lime notes, some tropical notes in the mango realm, and a combination of mellow stone fruit aroma: pear, apricot, plum. *please note that this beer contains milk sugars*

Cosmic Question* - Intriguing Ale - 6.5% - 13.5oz - $6.50

A mysterious new beer style that poses vast Cosmic Questions! Hop mashing helps unleash the fruity thiols in the grain... expect a full-bodied malty fruit punch flavor rounded out with slight tartness.

AstroBinary+ - IPL - 6% - 16oz - $7

Two stars collide...Citra and the BSG Zamba Hop blend fill this IPL with a range of Citrus and Tropical hop goodness. Since the blend is proprietary, part of the fun will be to dig deep into the flavor and aroma to try and guess what all might be in there!

Space Queen: Origins - Dry-Hopped Sour - 5% - 13.5oz - $6

This dry-hopped sour continues our Space Queen series with new art from Planet Skull and a new hop regimen. Origins utilizes the triumphant triumvirate of Mosaic, Nelson Sauvin, and Amarillo hops. Aromatic hop pop filled with fragrances reminiscent of energizing orange zest, ripe white grapes, red currants, and fresh pineapple.

Ski Patrol - Winter Wheat Ale - 6% - 16oz - $6

Brewed with cardamom and orange peel, this ale will help you recover after a long day on the slopes. Ski Patrol to the Rescue! It's Ski Patrol season... even if the snow hasn't arrived quite yet.

Sour Lake: Tangerine Pink Peppercorn* - Fruited Sour Ale - 5% - 13.5oz - $7

All of that Sour Lake goodness with the citrus pop and sweetness of Tangerine matched with the subtle peppery goodness of pink peppercorn. *TREE NUT ALLERGY*

Brewer's Cider - Dry Cider - 6.9% - 13.5oz - $6

Michigan Apple Juice, Gluten Free, Dry.

Flights Available - Pick 4, 5 oz pours - Starting at $12

* means there is a $.50 or $1 up charge for selection. (Draft cocktails not available for flights)

Gin & Tonic - Draft Cocktail - 9oz - $7

Broad Leaf Gin coupled with house tonic infused with lemon juice and lemon grass. Served on the rocks.

Beermosa - 13.5oz - $7

A blend of fresh squeezed orange juice with Sour Lake GPO Sour Ale.

Wine - 5oz - $8

Table Red, Table White, Dry Sparkling

Detroit City Soda - $2 (Free Refills)

Cola, Diet Cola, Lemon Lime, Root Beer, Lemonade, Ginger Beer, Rock N Rye, Orange Cream