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Cosmic Freeze+ - Cold IPA - 6.4% - 13.5oz - $6.50

Hop forward, but still crushable and crisp... and, not surprisingly, served cold. Cosmic Freeze is like if you gave a couple ice breakers to Ice Man and then made him roll around in a huge pile of hops. In fact, it's even better than that!

Plant Wiggle - Unfiltered Lager - 5.2% - 16oz - $6

A chuggable pint with a touch of white wheat and oats and a bit of Saaz hops.

Black is Beautiful+ - Stout - 7.5% - 13.5oz - $7

The beer is called Black is Beautiful and it is a continuation of the great work Weathered Souls started with their Black is Beautiful campaign. For this version we were fortunate to have Weathered Souls and Black Calder in the brewery. We teamed up to make a chocolate, cherry, coffee stout. Brewed with Michigan Balaton cherries, Ethiopian coffee, and chocolate this stout is overflowing with big aromas and bold flavors. This is a benefit beer for Realism is Loyalty, a local nonprofit with a goal to provide support and mentorship to Grand Rapids area at-risk youth and their families.

Legions of Lupulin+ - DIPA - 8.4% - 10oz - $8.50

Utilizing 9 different varietals, this deep golden IPA showcases a giant range of Hop flavor all fighting it out in every pour, vying to dominate your palette! Are you not entertained?

Cognitive Illusions+ -Thiolized IPA - 6.5% - 13.5oz - $8

Created with Helio Gazer (a hyper-theolized yeast strain from Omega) this rich and smooth libation produces enough fruit flavor to boggle the senses. Experience notes of peach, passionfruit, white grape, orange and gooseberry. Don't let this IPA fool you...this is your brain on beer!

Liquid Nightmare+ - Dark Cold IPA - 7% - 13.5oz -$6.50

Liquid Nightmare is a dark Cold IPA that balances bold hopping with Amarillo, Citra, and MI Cascade... as well as a touch of Centennial and Chinook, with some darker malts. This take on an emerging style is actually a dream come true. Don't let the moniker frighten you!

Chromatic Explosion+ - Hazy IPA - 7% - 13.5oz - $7.50

Talus, Citra, and Citvia Hop Blend lend their explosive hop aromas to this Hazy IPA. Tropical, Stone Fruit, and Citrus aromas will blow you away.

Cupcake Constellation+ - Dessert Stout - 5% - 13.5oz - $7

This Dessert Stout is brewed with actual chocolate cupcakes... PLUS… Chocolate, Vanilla, Marshmallow, and Lactose!! It's a candy craver's dream come true! The best part is you can indulge in a few can "unwrappings" since it's low abv.

Integral Cinnamon System - Amber Ale w/Cinnamon - 5.4% - 13.5oz - $6

This amber ale has been designed to convey notes of graham cracker and a touch of cinnamon imparts a warming spice for colder days.

Raw Reviver+ - Hazy Raw IPA - 7% - 13.5oz- $8

This no-boil hazy delivers punchy citrus and juicy melon flavor right alongside the mild grain and straw-like notes characteristic of the style. This is how beer was made thousands of years ago...revive, refresh and drink with the ancestors!

Planet Vacay!+ - Hazy IPA - 6.5% - 13.5oz - $7

This blend of 5 flavor forward varietals provides a hop experience on a planetary scale! Soft white grape alongside big orange and grapefruit aromas open into waves of mango, peach and berry flavor as it washes over your palate!

Sour Lake: PPP+ - Fruited Sour - 5% - 13.5oz - $7

This version brings the 3 P's fruit combo of Pineapple, Passion Fruit, and Papaya. It's the same wonderfully tart base of all of our Sour Lake beers, but this time with a brand new tropical fruit combination. Keep those summer vibes going with and escape to idyllic shores with a trifecta of lush refreshitude.

Experimental Killer Space Rabbit #09326+ - Hoppy Hefeweizen - 5.8% - 13.5oz - $6.50

"Once just a cute, harmless bunny...nefarious procedures have unleashed Experimental Killer Space Rabbit #09326 into our galaxy! This Hoppy Hefeweizen is over the moon with classic flavors of banana and clove paired with experimental hop goodness. Huell Melon produces waves of honeydew and berry while the new Hopsteiner experimental variety #09326 drops punchy grapefruit and deep tropical notes."

Chromatic Shatter+ - Juicy Pale Ale - 5.5% - 13.5oz - $6.50

Hopped to the high heavens with scads of Citra, Talus, and Mosaic hops, creating big aromas of pink grapefruit and pine resin with background notes of rose and sage.

Brewer's Cider - Dry Cider - 6.9% - 13.5oz - $7

Michigan Apple Juice, Gluten Free, Dry

Flights Available - Pick 4, 5 oz pours - Starting at $12

* means there is a $.50 or $1 up charge for selection. (Draft cocktails not available for flights)

Wine - 5oz - $8

Table Red, Table White, Dry Sparkling

Detroit City Soda - $2 (Free Refills)

Cola, Diet Cola, Lemon Lime, Root Beer, Lemonade, Rock N Rye, Orange Cream