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De-Extinction+ - Hoppy Red IPA - 6.8% - 13.5oz - $6.50

A hoppy red ale triple dry hopped and double centrifuged for big bold tropicality and crisp finish. “Life finds a way.” Mango-y, Malty, Mouthwatering.

Enigmatic Velocity+ - Juicy IPA - 7.3% - 13.5oz - $7

Expect aromas of pinot gris, red currant, and raspberry. Flavors of orange, grapefruit and white grape will roll over the palate with a refreshing ZING!

Interdimensional Citrus Alien + - Juicy IPA w/ lemon & lime - 7.8% - 13.5oz - $7

Idaho 7, El Dorado, and Citra hops, combined with lemon and lime puree, create a resinous, and refreshing experience.

Chromatic Shatter* - Juicy Pale Ale - 5.3% - 13.5oz - $7

Hopped to the high heavens with scads of Citra, Talus, and Mosaic hops, creating big aromas of pink grapefruit and pine resin with background notes of rose and sage.

Mindful Purpose - IP-Lutra - 6% - 13.5oz - $6

Norwegian IPL bursting with candied orange and spice from Saaz and Mandarina Bavaria hops. Brewed as a collaboration with Eastern Market Brewing Company, with a portion of proceeds of draft sales benefiting Our Kitchen Table.

Le Super - Sour Double IPA - 9.3% - 10oz - $7

Double IPA erupting with deep resinous grapefruit and orange, blended with pinot noir barrel aged sour ale

Sour Lake: Tangerine Pink Peppercorn* - Fruited Sour Ale - 5% - 13.5oz - $7

All of that Sour Lake goodness with the citrus pop and sweetness of Tangerine matched with the subtle peppery goodness of pink peppercorn. *TREE NUT ALLERGY*

Pichu Peru* - Goldenberry & Lime Sour - 5% - 13.5oz - $6.50

This lovely springtime sour incorporates goldenberries (also known as pichuberry) and lime. A refreshing and unique ale with tartness from the goldenberry, slapped with refreshing lime. A perfect poolside sipper.

Cherry Apricot* - Fruited Sour Ale - 5% - 13.5oz - $7

Vivant blends Michigan Montmorency Cherries and Apricots to create a crushable beer that is packed with ripe stone fruit flavors bolstered by zippy acidity.

Beach Patrol - Summer Wheat Ale - 6% - 16oz - $5.50

A crushable summer wheat beer with lime and Hawaiian Sea Salt.

It's Park Saison! - Saison - 5% - 16oz - $6

Our brewers shine ever time they brew a saison– well no exception this time around! Brewed w/ lemon peel, white wheat and oats; this promises a beautiful pour and in every sip a refreshing and zesty beer. Or, take some cans to your favorite park this spring and enjoy the sunshine with friends.

Grand Lager - Lager - 4.5% - 16oz - $5

Clean. Crisp. Lager. It’s just a really good lager.This is a European lager, no gimmicks. It’s a beer that is beer. It’s a beer for everyone.

Tropical Saison - Mango & Pineapple Saison - 5.5% - 16oz - $6

Loads of pineapple and mango inundate your palate and leave you wanting for that next gulp!

Rapid IPA - IPA - 7% - 16oz - $6

Vivant’s new IPA is full of Amarillo and Cascade hops; they imbue the beer with bold, yet refreshing citrus notes followed up by a tall forest of aromas leading you to a perfectly balanced and brilliantly bitter beer.

Brewer's Cider - Dry Cider - 6.9% - 13.5oz - $6

Tart, Crisp, Unfiltered

Flights Available - Pick 4, 5 oz pours - Starting at $12

* means there is a $.50 or $1 up charge for selection. (Draft cocktails not available for flights)

Gin & Tonic - Draft Cocktail - 9oz - $7

Broad Leaf Gin coupled with house tonic infused with lemon juice and lemon grass. Served on the rocks.

Beermosa - 13.5oz - $7

A blend of fresh squeezed orange juice with Sour Lake GPO Sour Ale.

Farm Hand's Friend - 12oz - $8

Broad Leaf Gin, hand picked elderflower cordial, muddled cucumber, lemon, grapefruit, soda water

Wine - 5oz - $8

Table Red, Table White, Dry Sparkling

Detroit City Soda - $2 (Free Refills)

Cola, Diet Cola, Lemon Lime, Root Beer, Lemonade, Ginger Beer, Rock N Rye, Orange Cream