Updated 1/15/2021


Space Cave - IPA - 6%

The next beer in the Vim series launches this sequel project into new realms, with a similar base beer to Return to Vim, but with Altus and Amarillo hops. Ripe aromas of mandarin orange and juicy lemon blend with spicy and resinous notes and lingering tangerine for an experience which will make you bust out your spelunking gear.

Ether Otter - Italian Pils - 5%

This is basically an Italian Pils, but using a Lutra yeast (Lutra is the genus name for most otters, in case you were wondering.) Dry-hopped with Strisselspalt and Saaz hops for an old school floral/noble sort of a hop component.

Hop Trial #3 - IPA - 6.2%

Experimental West coast IPA with Kviek yeast, Mi Cascade and Amarillo hops

Heads Get Blurred - Rye BA Quad w/ Chocolate & Marshmallow - 11% - 10oz

Rye barrel aged Belgian Quad with chocolate and marshmallow. Like a smore and a wizard had a love child.

Banan Appeal - Lactose Pastry Stout - 7%

Something about bananas, blah, blah, blah. Peeled, Balanced, Roasted

2020 Wizard Burial Ground - BBA Quad Ale - 11/7%

2019 Wizard Burial Ground - BBA Quad Ale - 10%

2018 Wizard Burial Ground - BBA Quad Ale - 10%

Jamocha Love Shadow - BBA Stout - 11.5%

Hello Chaos - BBA Stout w/ Elderberry & Epezote - 11.5%

Marshmallow Bourbon Stout - 11.5%

Port BA Coffee Porter - 7%